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Though Atlantic City Limo is happy to provide exact prices over the phone, we're unable to list them on our website due to the fact that they vary so much by the day, by the type of vehicle you choose, and of course by current fuel prices. It is important that you understand how we operate in terms of our pricing. We operate on what we call a graduated scale. This means that when we experience a savings of any kind, we look to pass that savings along to our customers. So, for instance, if fuel prices decrease, there is a very good chance that our prices will as well. We do understand, however, that everybody wants to save money so we'll use our pricing page as a way to explain the easiest ways to save money while booking a limo from us.

Ordering during the week

In the event that your event or function is on a week day you be happy to know that you are going to save money right off the bat! Due to the fact that Monday through Thursday are the least in demand, if this is something you can plan then you are definitely going to save a substantial amount of money. Friday and Sunday are the next in line as far as saving money goes. Saturday is the most expensive option due to the high demand of the day.

Another way to ensure that you're getting the best possible rate is to book your transportation trip at least two days in advance. The earlier you book, the better off you are. Don't worry, our booking process is very simple.

Book your limo now

All you have to do to order transportation is simply pick the phone and dial 609-961-6013 and you'll be connected to our reservation specialist. When you're connected with them you'll be able to tell them exactly what your needs are and you'll quickly have the vehicle of your choice booked for the date of your special event. And you will be very happy to know that our customer service agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year for your convenience. It is our absolute goal to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied. We are not in business to soak people for all they are worth, we will treat you fairly and we hope to forge a relationship for many years to come.

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